Meet the Team

David Kohl, LCSW

Social Worker


Gisele Rech Howard, LMSW

Social Worker


Social Workers

School Social Workers aim to help students progress socially, emotionally, and academically.   Services may include crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, consulting with parents, teachers, and administrators to develop intervention strategies to enhance student success, collaborating with community agencies and other mental health professionals to coordinate services and participating in multi-disciplinary teams.  

Kristi Garrison, LCSW

Student Prevention/ Intervention Specialist


Prevention/Intervention Specialist

The Student Prevention Intervention Specialist serves as the Restorative Justice Coordinator for the campus by assisting to resolve conflicts and provide supports to students, staff and families through the use of restorative practices. They also coordinate campus skills-based groups, professional development for teachers, and student prevention/intervention programs.  

Jason Moniz

Behavior Intervention Specialist


Behavior Intervention Specialist

The Behavioral Interventionist works with students and teachers to support students with behavioral challenges, emotional difficulties, and other issues that may impact their academic and social success. 

Blanca Avalos 

Community Liaison


Mely Cano 

Community Liaison


Community liaisons

The community liaisons coordinate campus volunteers and provide community resources and referrals, emergency food boxes, and oversees the campus clothing closet.  They connect with the community to bring resources on campus to enhance the students’ academic, personal/social development in school. 

Norma Lopez

Student Liaison


Tyreece Palmer

Student Liaison


Student Liaisons

Student Liaisons track Trevor Browne's attendance data, trends and dropouts.  They connect students who need attendance support to support services or district alternative programs. They work with students’ and their families to improve daily attendance.

Attendance TIPS

6 Tips for Parents

 ¨ Take an active interest in your student’s schoolwork and activities. Know the peers your student hangs out with. Encourage them to get involved in school by participating in sports and clubs.

 ¨ Monitor changes and difficulties with family, friendships, teachers, or classrooms. All of these can contribute to reasons why kids start to miss school.

 ¨ Ask the school office to get you connected to ParentVue to monitor your student’s academic progress, attendance, and discipline.

 ¨ Make sure your number and address are updated  on your student’s profile so the school can keep close communication with you in case of emergencies, academic concerns, absences, and disciplinary issues.

 ¨ Place your student on an attendance contract if you are concerned about tardies or absences.

 ¨ If you are concerned about your child, request to have parent meetings with your student’s  counselor, teachers, administrator, support services, or the student liaison to discuss options.