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Think Up Affirmations ThinkUp is a positive-thinking app that lets you record powerful affirmations to help you change the way you think. By continuously practicing positive self-talk through the wide array of affirmations that ThinkUp offers, you can gradually overcome negativity and improve many aspects of your life.

Breathr App

The app provides opportunities for users to try out a variety of mindfulness practices, while also teaching them interesting facts about the brain science behind those practices. For example, did you know that regularly practicing mindfulness can improve your relationships with others? Or that it has been shown to change parts of the brain that affect memory, empathy and stress?

Please note: Mindfulness can be beneficial for people who have trauma related disorders. However, practicing mindfulness exercises may cause some people to re-experience traumatic memories. Guidance by a skilled mindfulness instructor is recommended.


Helps users sleep better, boost confidence and reduce stress and anxiety, all with the help of guided meditations, soothing music, and bedtime stories.

Smiling mind app.

Practice your daily meditation and mindfulness exercises from any device.

Smiling Mind is a unique tool developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life.

There are dozens if not hundreds of exercises tailored to different demographics and desires, more content than most other mindfulness apps. All the content is free, making it the perfect app for beginners to see if mindfulness is for them.




19 Free PDF Printable Coloring Pages

Developed by psychologist, Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, this collection of nine mindful coloring illustrations ranges in difficulty and complexity. Beginning with some useful information about mindfulness and advice on how to approach your coloring in a mindful way, the varied images are sure to keep your mind focused.

Created as a mindfulness resource to create the opportunity to learn awareness in the moment and reflect on feelings and thoughts