Available Supports


The social workers, student prevention/intervention specialist, and behavior intervention specialist are available to meet with students one on one who need additional social/emotional and behavioral support.

Basic Needs

The community liaisons provides community resources and referrals, emergency food boxes, and oversee the campus clothing closet.

Support Group

A variety of support groups are offered to our students in order to assist with specific issues and/or problems that may be interfering with their social/emotional growth and/or success in high school. Groups are a great way to meet with other students who can relate to one another. Students will find a forum of peer support, where they can gain strength as they share their feelings and experiences with other students who are facing the same obstacles. Each group generally meets once a week, during the school day. Groups require an initial consultation or group screening.

Restorative Conversations/ Mediations

Conflict is a normal and positive force that can be a part of personal growth and social change. To deal effectively with a conflict, a trained facilitator manages a process of communication called a restorative conference or a mediation. Restorative conferences and mediations are a chance to sit face to face and talk, uninterrupted, so each side of the dispute is heard. It allows for problem solving, restoration and a resolution or agreement that is written and signed.

Response to Intervention

(RTI) Team

The focus of the I-Team is to develop interventions for students who do not have and IEP and are not responding to Tier I and Tier II classroom academic, social emotional and behavior interventions.

When should I refer?

  • Tier I and Tier II interventions have been utilized but are not helping the student to be successful.

  • Student is not grasping basic concepts or retaining information covered in recent weeks.

  • Student is still displaying disruptive and defiant behavior despite interventions being tried.

  • Student seems tired most of the time and has increased absences recently.

  • Student cannot seem to stay focused. Student is easily distracted and always out of his seat.

  • Student has had a major drop in grades.

What to expect from the RTI-Team:

  • Students will be screened to assess if class placement is correct in math, reading or English.

  • RTI-Team will provide teacher’s research based interventions to implement in the classroom. Interventions may be academic, behavior and/or social emotional supports.

  • The student’s counselor will monitor progress to assure interventions are implemented with fidelity.

  • A student who does not respond to Tier I and Tier II interventions may require further Tier III interventions to be explored by the RTI-Team